Visa & Travel

  • GCC nationals do not need visa to enter Oman, all other need valid visa for entry into Oman.
  • Citizens of some countries get visa on arrival at the airport. Please visit ROP website for details.
  • Visa for registered delegates can be organized by the organizing committee on receipt of followings:
    • Upload Clear Scan Copy of first, second and last pages of Passport
    • Name * :

      Email * :

      Upload scan copy of first page *
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      Upload scan copy of second page *
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      Upload scan copy of last page *
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    • Passport must be valid for at least 6 month from the date of conference
    • Photograph passport size to upload
    • Upload passport size photo *
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    • Visa fee equivalent to RO 20.000 (Omani Rial Twenty Only) plus Service fee RO 10.000 (Omani Rial Ten Only), Total RO 30.000 (Omani Rial Thirty Only).
    • Original visa to be collected from airport on arrival,
    • Visa issue is subject to approval from visa issuing authority of Oman.
    • Enter the security code *